Wednesday, May 2, 2018

No Sour Grapes Here

Nemacolin Woodlands Retreat has a beautiful art gallery where I've been exhibiting for over a year. The artwork just glows in this location and I always look forward to creating new paintings specifically for this space.

Recently, the gallerist proposed showcasing food and wine-related paintings to pair (no pun intended!) with their annual Wine Weekend event.

I took this as an opportunity to try something new and started playing around with painting grapes. I wanted the grapes to look alive, moving and blowing on the vine. The result is a series of paintings that are flowing and abstract with just a few realistic details.

To create this look, I wet the paper with plain water, leaving dry areas where I wanted the white of the paper.

I drop in rich, heavy color and let it mingle and mix on the page. After it dries, I start to suggest the shape of grapes. I researched different grapes to find out how they hang on the vine and each individual shape.

I ended up creating a series of these because they were so fun to paint. Here are a few:

Cabernet II, 13 x 11 in, watercolor

Zinfandel II,  18 x 2 in, watercolor

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