Sunday, January 21, 2018

What's Cooking? Paintings of Food, Chefs, and Fine Dining

Food is full of texture, color, and shape. Cooking in a restaurant involves steam, fire, people, and shiny chrome. Putting them together in a series of paintings has been fun and oh so challenging.

The paintings below can be viewed at Nemacolin Woodlands Retreat Art Gallery in a new exhibition called "An Appetite for Art". Three artists interpret the art of cooking.

For several paintings, I worked from photos that I took inside the 5-star Lautrec restaurant at Nemacolin. The kitchen is beautiful with copper pots, reflective surfaces, fresh herbs, and brightly-colored peppers. It was great to be a fly on the wall and to observe the behind-the-scenes activity that happens before the restaurant opens.

The exhibition runs through April 22. I hope you can stop by Nemacolin for one of the artist Meet and Greets in February and April. I would love to see you there. Details: http://www.nemacolin.com/events-calendar#Event_910

Finishing Touch, watercolor, 29 x 27 in

Pressure Cook, watercolor, 18 x 22 in

The Chefs, watercolor, 22 x 26 in

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