Monday, May 29, 2017

Watercolor Essentials: Part 2, Palette

Sure, I know. It's not one of the sexier watercolor supplies, but having a good palette really is essential. Here are some things I look for in a palette:

For me, the most important aspect of a good palette is a nice, big mixing area in the center that accommodates large brushes. 

I also like having paint wells that are large enough that I can load up my brushes with paint. I also like the paint wells to have an opening to the center so that I can drag my brushes from the paint to the center easily.

It's helpful to have a lid to help keep your paint fresh. The lid on my palette has three additional mixing areas on the top so I can mix up a large batch of color at a time.

I use two palettes. One is a Frank Webb design, sold at most art supply stores, and the other is so old I have no idea what it is. I use the Frank Webb for my daily painting and the other one to store mixed paints that I use over and over, like my blacks and several skin tone mixtures.

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