Monday, April 24, 2017

4-Day Watercolor Workshop

I spent 4 days in Charlotte, NC teaching a wonderful bunch of artists at Nancy Couick's Studio. The students were enthusiastic and so willing to try new, challenging concepts. 

Day One
I demonstrated painting features, skin tones and a head-only portrait. 

The students then painted their own versions.
Student portraits

Day Two and Three
Students finished their head-only portraits and started planning larger, personal works of art using value sketches and color studies. We discussed color harmony, values, and most important, the "why" (not what) of our painting. 

Day Four
Students worked on their larger paintings by following their color studies and value sketches. Students learned to self-critique and we ended the workshop with a group critique of everyone's work. 

I learned something too. A student told me about a nifty, new tool from Rosemary Brushes called an eradicator (which I bought) that removes paint from a painting without damaging the paper. It works great!

Thanks to all the students who attended and helped to make the workshop a great success!

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