Monday, March 20, 2017

Step Four: Color Studies

This is Step Four of "7 Steps of A Painting". Here are Steps One: Inspiration, Two: Computer Design: and Three: Value Sketches.

My students like color studies much more than the value sketches of Step Three. The color studies are small, 5x7" paintings that are fun to play around with because it allows you to try out several of different color schemes, especially a color combination you wouldn't normally use.

Here is my value sketch from Step 3.

Because I wanted to keep the original colors of the stain-glass window, I decide to paint with an analogous color scheme of blue, blue-violet, violet, red-violet, and red, and a complement of yellow. I can see how the painting will look and feel before starting on the larger painting. I like it, so the next step is the drawing--stay tuned for next week's post.

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