Monday, February 27, 2017

Step Two: Computer Design

This is part two of a seven-part series on my process for creating a painting. Last week was Step One: Inspiration.

Once I have my initial inspiration, I put the image into Photoshop to work out the concept and design. As I explained in step one, the original photo had many detracting elements that did not add anything to the painting.

As I looked at the photo of the mother and child, I thought of "Madonna and child" and began to play with the idea of a modern-day Madonna and child. I browsed the internet for images of churches and stained glass. Juxtaposing the mother and child with the stained-glass image shown below made me think of the many ways that people today feel either supported or disconnected by the church. Placing the woman and child below the Madonna seemed to suggest that the woman was being watched over, or is it judged? It will be up to the viewer to use their own ideas and experiences to interpret the painting for themselves.

I run out the computer-enhanced image in a 5x7 size so I can proceed to my next step, value sketches, which is next week's post.

Original photo

After computer design

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