Monday, February 20, 2017

Step One: The Inspiration

The next seven posts will explore the steps of creating a painting from beginning to end. The steps I follow are, roughly: inspiration; computer design; value sketches; color studies; drawing, painting; and framing.

This post explores step one, the inspiration. This is the "why" of your painting. Why were you draw to this particular image and why do you want to paint it? The answer to that question will guide your decisions through the painting process.

Here is the initial reference photo for my painting, Disconnected.

About The Photo
I was walking in Charleston, SC and saw this young mother and baby sitting on the curb. I was drawn to the loving way she held and looked at her son, as well as the beautiful lighting on her hair and arm. This was all I needed as inspiration.

Copying the photo as-is was not an option. The location, car, and vegetation detract from the imagery of the mother and child. How to incorporate the inspiration into a well-designed and conceptual painting? Stay tuned for next week's post.The next several steps will be focused on the design and composition.

Next week, Step Two: Computer Design.

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