Monday, November 23, 2015

New Work: The John Project

"After The Laughter", 24 x 28", watercolor

"After the Laughter"  was created for an exhibition that will take place in 2016 at SPACE Gallery in Pittsburgh, Pa. It involves nearly 250 artists, all creating artwork based on the same person in different styles and media.

The person we are portraying is a man who was introduced to us as John. The artists could find out the backstory of John if we wanted or we could create a painting based solely on our impression of him during the life drawing and photography sessions.

I was told a little bit about John, but I chose to create a fictional story of a man recovering from a tumultuous early life to a more stable adult life. In the painting, the man is looking back on his life and memories with relief and humor. His face tells the viewer that he has survived and has stories of his own to tell.

The twist to the exhibition is that John will be the docent for gallery visitors. Without them knowing who he is, he will give tours of the show, adding his own personal insight to the artwork.

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