Monday, April 27, 2015

Student Gallery

After each watercolor workshop, I invite my students to submit completed artwork, and I share it on my blog and FB page; it is a nice opportunity for students to get extended feedback from me and the other students, as well as an incentive to continue painting after the workshop.

Here is the latest work from my Santa Monica Workshop in March:

Barbara's work:

This was a case where I suggested one thing and the student opted for another. Good thing, because the result was much better than if she had followed my advice. This is a fun painting with a great deal of expression. I gave Barbara a few suggestions to balance the composition but, overall, I think it is a wonderful painting.

Barbara, "Julie and Mat"

Nancy's work:

Nancy was a painting machine and completed several paintings, color studies and value studies during the workshop. Each of her paintings were beautifully painted and her use of color is terrific. As she mentioned at the workshop, she might have planned the composition and design of first two paintings differently after doing a value sketch and a color study, but they are strong portraits as well as expressive paintings.

Her color study, third below, will be her road map for a larger watercolor painting. Looking at the study now, I can see that adding a little of the highest chroma red, to the figure on the right (on her clothing or hair perhaps?), will add some punch to her painting and create a focal point between the two figures.

Nancy, "Lilly"

Nancy, "Bill"
Nancy, color study for larger painting

Chris' work: 

Chris did a great deal of exploration with value sketches and color studies to develop her "Girl with A Mirror" painting. She made many changes to the original painting and created a very personal, charming work of art.

Her painting of the man with a camera was done before the workshop, and the older woman was done after the workshop. Although they are both successful paintings, I would say that the painting of the older woman has a more harmonious feel with the O, V, G palette and the stronger values.
Chris, "Girl with A Mirror"

Chris, "Whitetail Woman"

Chris, "Man with A Camera"

Lisa's work: 
The first painting was more of a study in technique than a finished painting, and it accomplished that goal. She learned a great deal about paint application and values.

The second painting is not yet finished. It was started after working on value sketches and several color studies. Lisa made lots of changes from her original photo, and the result is a fun, lively painting with harmonious color.

Lisa, head and shoulders study

Lisa, "Musician Superhero"

Barbara's work:
Barbara is a skillful painter who did not need to learn technique. She did benefit from the planning process of value and color studies. She also learned to lay down her color in less layers using more pigment. You can see that her two paintings below are beautifully planned out and harmonious in color. I made one suggestion to eliminate a tangent, but other than that, you can see that both paintings have impact from across the room and are just as delightful up close.

Barbara, "Cambodian Potter"

Barbara, "Cambodian Potter's Son"

Lori's work:
Lori's first painting was her one-color study. We did this exercise to work on values. 

You can see that Lori tried a lot of different approaches in her four paintings. Her three subsequent paintings are full of personality and mood. 

The bottom painting, in particular, has such a fantasy-like feeling to it; perfect for a children's portrait. She worked on color studies and value sketches beforehand and used them as her template for the painting. The result is very harmonious. 

I made a few suggestions to Lori regarding the cropping and areas to tweak. Overall, very nice!

Lori, one-color study

Lori, "Young Girl"

Lori, "Man with A Hat"

Lori, "Bubbles!"

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