Monday, November 3, 2014

Nifty, New Easel Setup

I'm pretty geeked out about my new easel setup for figure sessions or plein air. After researching easels and attachments for over a year, I've come up with a pretty nice system that is lightweight, easy to assemble, and perfect for watercolor.

This is the setup

The painting area has a cup holder for my water cup. There is plenty of room
for my travel palette, a roll of paper towels, and an area to mix paints.
I've attached a cup with a bungee chord to 
hold my brushes. 

Here is the easel without the painting supplies

These two arms did not come with the easel. My husband and I cut and stained
the wood to match. They are attached through the back with a wing nut and bolt.
I added velcro to keep the board from slipping around when I am painting.

This 12 x 16"  painting board was designed by a student's husband. It is a smooth
surface and ideal for mixing colors.It usually comes without the hole, but he
added it after I requested a cup holder. This board is also great for use as a
drawing board to tape your paintings or drawings. If you would like to order one, 
you can contact Enrique at enrique13@bellsouth.net

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