Monday, August 25, 2014

Quick Color Mixing Tutorial, part 1

Watercolor is such an exciting medium to use because of its wonderful versatility. It can be controlled and precise or spontaneous and fluid, depending on how you apply the color.

Palette vs. Paper
Mixing your colors on the palette gives you more control and a consistent color. On the other hand, letting the colors mix directly on the paper allows the colors to mingle and mix in a random manner. You have less control, but the end result is more dynamic. 
Try it: 
Select two colors. Below I've chosen phthalo blue and raw sienna. First, mix your colors on your palette and paint a swatch on your wet or dry paper. 
Phthalo blue and raw sienna mixed
on a palette.

In a different area, wet a swatch of your paper and add one color. Then, while still wet, add the second color by brushing along the edge of the first. Watch the colors mix and mingle. Try moving them by tilting your paper in different directions.

Raw sienna and phthalo blue 
mixed directly on the paper.

Next week I will demonstrate dropping in and glazing color. Stay tuned!

This is an excerpt from "Watercolor Made Easy: Portrait". Available an most major bookstores and through Walter Foster Publishing.

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