Monday, July 21, 2014

Watercolor Workshop "Going Beyond A Likeness", Part Two

Part two of the watercolor workshop: students use their thumbnail sketches and color studies from the previous week and start their larger painting. In last week's post, I showed you my value sketch and three color studies for a new painting. I decided to try a fourth color study (below) using primary colors Red, Blue, Yellow. This color combo is what I am going to use to develop my painting..

We started off the morning by reviewing and discussing what we did the week before. I proceeded to show the students how I would use the value and color studies to guide me as I paint my full-size painting. However, because my full-size painting is going to be rather large, 28 x 32", I decided to work on a smaller version for the workshop demo. In preparation for a large painting, I will sometimes paint a smaller version as a study to work out the difficult parts.

The color scheme for this painting is Primary Colors - Red, Yellow, and Blue, with blue being the dominant color. I mixed all of my colors using two reds, one yellow and three blues from my palette, plus a few neutrals. This gives the painting a color harmony I wouldn't easily achieve with selecting random colors.

Below is the larger painting, as it progresses. I will post the finished result next week.

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