Monday, January 6, 2014

New Twist on an Old Painting

Most times, planning your painting ahead of time results in a successful painting. Occasionally, however, you can still miss the mark.

This happened recently with the painting below. The painting  "After the Show" (on top) came first. I chose that title because my intention was to show a group of friends out for the afternoon. I've always liked the colors and textures in this painting, but I have never loved it. I just didn't know why. After an artist friend had a similar reaction to it, I decided I needed to re-work it. Where to start? 

First thing to do--put it away for a week and look at it with fresh eyes. When I did this, I could immediately see that this painting needed more interaction and personality. More of what drew me to take the women in the first place.

I decided to change a few things around. First I reworked some of the women, shifting the focus from the woman with the white hat to the two women on the left, now sharing a joke. I obscured the background, re-angled the women, and cropped in closer so that they appear to be in a tight space. The new title is "Inside Joke". What do you think; does it work better?

"After the Show", watercolor

"Inside Joke", watercolor


sassy bonnets said...

Yes, I like the interaction better. Did you have to start the painting all over? If not, how were you able to change it?

Studio at the Farm said...

Definitely better! I love all the faces, especially the woman laughing - fabulous expression!