Monday, January 27, 2014

3-Day Watercolor Workshop in Melbourne, Florida

I recently returned from my 3-day workshop in Florida. The workshop is a hybrid of portrait techniques and narrative painting exercises. We learn the techniques to paint a realistic likeness, but then we move on to creating very personal paintings that tell a story.

The talented artists in the workshop were enthusiastic and very welcoming and the 80 degree weather on Sunday was a nice bonus! Below are some photos if you are interested in seeing what we were working on.

I arrived on Friday afternoon and demonstrated for the Brevard Watercolor Society on Saturday. It was a large group of 60 or so artists.

Demonstrating for the BWS artists

The workshop was Sunday-Tuesday. Each day was filled with demos and group instruction, group talks, individual painting time, and one-on-one instruction. On Day One, we concentrated on achieving accurate values through a one-color study.

Start of a one-color value study
Competed one-color value study

We proceeded to work on thumbnail sketches of larger narrative paintings that included at least one figure. 

Pencil thumbnail sketches


Afterwards, we developed the sketches into color studies.

Three different color studies

I demonstrated painting techniques each day.

Painting a demo using reference photos, color studies, 

and thumbnail sketches.

The start of one of the demos

The start of another demo. I didn't get very far!

As you can see from the photos below, it was a large group. Everyone was very patient as I worked my way around the room for one-on-one consultations.

There was a great variety of experience in the group, but each artist tried new things and ventured out of their comfort zones. It was a wonderful time for me to get to know each of them. Thank you to the Brevard Watercolor Society for hosting me!

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