Monday, December 2, 2013

Figure Sessions

One of my favorite, favorite things to do is draw from a live model. The weekly figure sessions I had attended regularly a year ago had been put on hold for months and just recently started up again.

Wowza, it's not like riding a bike. One artist (forget who it was) once said, "I draw everyday, just to keep from getting worse." Now I understand what he meant! When you take time off from drawing, it takes a period of adjustment for your eyes to "draw"; to see those subtle curves and contours, the value shifts and the hard/soft parts of the body that you just aren't paying attention to during your daily routine. Your hand needs to adjust as well; to create the variation of lines to create the illusion of weight, volume, and texture. Even though I draw my image before starting a watercolor, using a grid is different than drawing from life. 

Below are a few charcoal drawings from the last few sessions. 

Like many traditional figure sessions, we start out with quick, 
1-minute gestural poses to warm up.

We move to 5-10 minute poses. Sometimes all I have time for is the head.

Finally, we move to 15-30 minute poses. Sometimes they are successful; sometimes they are embarrassing. Each one is one step closer to that aha! moment, when your eyes and hands start working together to see and create the forms in front of you. 

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