Monday, December 16, 2013

Demo to Done

In my watercolor workshops, I always do several painting demos but I usually don't get to finish them there. Back in my studio, the demos can pile up--dozens of unfinished paintings waiting patiently for me to get around to them. After finishing up a large, time-consuming painting, I will sometimes treat myself to a day or two of working on all my little demos. Many times I'm really happy with the results. With no pre-planning or design time invested, I really have nothing to lose, so I think I paint more fluidly and spontaneously. I figure, even if I ruin them, at least I've tried something new or pushed a technique a little farther. 

Now instead of dozens of unfinished paintings lying around my studio, I have dozens of finished, but unframed paintings, lying around my studio. Maybe I should have a demo sale?

"Pipe Dream", 10 x 13", watercolor

"Mick", 14 x 11", watercolor

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