Monday, September 2, 2013

Grand Canyon- Awe & Inspiration

This summer I took a rafting trip through the Grand Canyon with one of my sons. We spent 8 days rafting, camping and hiking in one of the most incredible places in the United States. No cell phones, internet, or electricity; off the grid and sleeping under the stars.
When we returned home, it took 4 days before I stopped waking in the middle of the night convinced I was in a raft on the river. 

Although I did not have the luxury of time to sit and paint plein air each afternoon, I did manage a few quick studies. I hope to do a long series of Grand Canyon paintings once I finish up all those deadlines that have been waiting for me to return home.

Afternoon study in the Lower Canyon

Even the rocks were beautiful!!

Beautiful Havasu Falls 
(photo taken by one of 
our group members)

A fun group of travelers and crew

The Paddle Boat

View from the South Rim

One of our hiking destinations
Ancient handprint of an Ancestral Pabloan

A view from our hike

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