Thursday, August 8, 2013

Art Immersion Retreat at Mansions on Fifth

This was year two for the Art Immersion Retreat series. The workshop was held in the McCook House, next door to the McCook Mansion. Each day would start at 9 am with a discussion or demo. We would work(?) until noon and head over to the McCook Mansion for an amazing lunch. After lunch, more painting and lots of one-on-one instruction. The workshop participants were not ready to stop painting at 3:00 and often worked late into the night. It reminded me of the story of the elves and the shoemaker; I would come back in the morning and see paintings everywhere!

Demonstrating a value study

Discussing thumbnail sketch ideas 
Thumbnail sketches
The dining room
Lunch was always a beautiful treat
A student contemplating design options
I think I talked a lot!
A messy palette is a sign of a
good day of painting...
Day Four wrapped up with a critique of all the paintings that were worked on. I was really impressed with the artists in the workshop; they were so motivated to learn and they all worked really hard. I saw a great deal of progress in each of them--which is what makes teaching workshops so exciting!

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