Thursday, June 6, 2013

New Painting "Morning Commute"

Morning Commute, 19  22", watercolor

Continuing with my series of Pittsburgh neighborhoods, "Morning Commute" captures a house painter walking to work in the South Side of Pittsburgh. The South Side neighborhood is a wonderful mix of working class/hipster, old/new, traditional/contemporary tensions.

I captured a photo of the painter one morning as I was walking around the city with my camera. He was walking so fast for someone carrying a ladder! I had trouble getting a decent photo. 

I started with a value sketch to combine several pieces of photos to make a strong composition.

I worked on a very small color study to determine my palette.

I painted a larger study, about 1/4 size the final. It's here I work out most of the details and make further design decisions. 

Even with all this preparation, I will continue to make changes during the final painting. For instance, you can see that I decided to crop the painting to a square format and take out the sandwich board you see on the left.


Candace X. Moore said...

Nice progression, Peggi. Always interesting to see an artists' process. I envy your design background, it comes through in your compositions.

Arti said...

Lovely work, Peggi.

Peggi Habets said...

Thank you so much, Candace and Arti!!!