Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New Watercolor--Girlfriends

Something I've found helpful for my workshop students is to show them the steps that go into a painting before I ever pick up a brush. Most are surprised at the amount of preparation I do for larger paintings. 

The Story
I encountered a group of women sitting together in Charleston, SC, chatting and laughing together as they were waiting (for what, I don't know). I envisioned them as old friends who have shared countless stories of family life, man troubles, work struggles and now, as they age, health issues. I wanted to capture that comfortable, easy relationship that women have with their longtime friends.

The original image was very busy and needed changes to make a cohesive design.

 I started with a black and white value sketch to find a composition that will tie the figures together.


I picked my palette of color.      



 I painted a small (4x6) study based on the value sketch.                              

I painted a larger study and worked out more details, background, color and values. If the painting works at this half size, it should work at the larger size.

The finished painting!

19 x 25"

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