Friday, February 22, 2013

Reworking a Painting

I often re-work paintings, sometimes years after they are "completed" and framed.
The painting below, Wedding Gloves, is a perfect example. It was a painting that I liked but never loved; I just wasn't sure what to do about it. One afternoon, I took it out of the frame and started re-working her features, softening the edges and lightening the values. I obscured one of her eyes and softened the curve of her mouth. It looked better, but I still wasn't happy with it. Finally, I lowered her hairline. Aha! Now it is finished. I think the second version has more of the youthful anticipation and attitude that I was trying to convey. What do you think?

Wedding Gloves, 22 x 25", watercolor


Kim Werfel said...

Love what you've done...more mysterious, dramatic and pulls the viewer in. Your work is just fabulous!

Arti said...

The new version makes her look more youthful,no doubt.Though I liked the previous one as well.It is quite brave to correct a watercolor, I must say!Love your work,Peggi.