Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Drawings--Dancer Series

Spent, 12 x 18", charcoal and Conte on paper

 This couldn't be more fun! I'm working on a series of dancer studies--drawings that will be developed into paintings for an exhibition. Initially, I started the drawings in a straightforward manner, capturing the dancers in between performances (as in the bottom three). I was so anamoured with their muscle tone and the textures of their outfits. I think, however, the direction I want to go is to create paintings that have more abstract qualities or an unusual perspective, such as "Spent" above. What do you think? Which drawings do you find interesting or no so interesting? I'd love to hear your feedback. (The bottom three drawings were done for a charity event and are not for sale.)
Second Thoughts, 18 x 12", charcoal and Conte on paper



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