Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mixed-media Figure Drawing

My Tosca, mixed media, 17 x 20" (incluidng 3" mat)

I love the music from the opera, Tosca, but I've never liked the final act. In the end, Tosca throws herself off a balcony to her death after finding out that she has been tricked and her lover has been killed. I'm all for passionate love stories, but I always saw Tosca as strong and resilient, not someone who would impulsively kill herself. I want to say, "C'mon, girl. You can survive."

Our figure model, Rae, does some incredibly nice poses. This one reminded me of that final scene (how I would like to see it) and I think it feels vulnerable. I started with a wash of watercolor on paper, then drew the figure using vine charcoal and Conte pastel pencils in white, red and black. The result is moody and somber, a woman in mourning. 

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