Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Latest Commissioned Watercolor Portraits

This was a special commission for a young man who wanted to surprise his wife on their first anniversary. There is a story to the painting, which made it even more special. I was very honored to be asked to paint this for them.

I also had the pleasure of painting three adorable sisters, each with their own distinct personality. The challenge was that each of these paintings needed to stand alone as an individual portrait, as well as hang together as a grouping.  

The eldest was my "helper" and made a terrific assistant. She has a very outgoing personality and made sure I got the perfect shot.

The middle child was my "observer". She watched everything I did with careful scrutiny. She asked pointed questions about why I was doing something and how it was done.

This little cutie was a bundle of fun. Everything made her smile and laugh, especially her older sisters.
I always feel very privileged to be asked to paint a loved one. It's even better when they are a joy to work with.

Next up: dogs, dogs, dogs! Lots of pet portraits to finish up this month.
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