Tuesday, November 1, 2011

More Portraits from Upcoming Book, "Watercolor Made Easy: Portraits"

The past eight months have been so interesting. I have been working on a book for Walter Foster publishing. "Watercolor Made Easy: Portraits" is a how-to book for those wanting to learn the basic techniques of painting watercolor portraits. 

In the book I show the step-by-step process for painting nine different portraits, from initial sketch to final portrait. This, of course, is one way to paint, but not the way everyone should paint. I give enough tips and suggestions so that the artist can get started, but encourage each artist to explore their individual style and technique.

The book will be published in Spring 2012 and will be available for sale on my website and through Walter Foster Publishing.

Above and below are some of the portraits that will be included. From top to bottom, "Jakob", "Shankutala", "Disquiet" and "Prelude".

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