Friday, March 4, 2011

Re-working a Boring Painting

It happens. You start out with lots of thumbnails, a careful design, and a plan to create the best watercolor known to man. Then, wow, you think...this is a boring painting.

In the case of "Gar May Market", I started at a demo for an art group. I usually don't create my best work at demos since I am there to show the artists something they are interested in seeing, a particular technique or area of the face.

As the painting progressed, I found myself losing interest. Why? Because I lost sight of my original intention--to create a painting of a woman at a Chinatown market; a place where she was comfortable and familiar on a sunny morning. What I had created instead was a rather generic portrait of an Asian woman.

I thought about ditching the painting and moving on to something else, but wait, that's when it gets fun. I had nothing to lose by jumping in and making a few changes.

I reworked the background several times until I ended up with, what I think, is a more interesting painting.
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