Friday, November 5, 2010

Protect Your Art from Thieves!!!

People are unbelievable sometimes. An artist named Brazen Edwards-Hager (Christine Edwards) from BC, Canada, has taken one of my copyrighted images and was listing it as her own on her Etsy page and on ArtFire. This painting was a commissioned portrait of a friend's child and they would have been upset to know that it was being misused. I contacted both sites and I am hoping they pull her off. Ironically, she uses the name Brazen and states that she has a former background in Criminology! Double irony, she posted my image right above her copyright notice! Thankfully, someone e-mailed me to let me know or it would still be there.

Luckily, I headed the advice of a fellow artist to start copyrighting my images. It is an inconvenience to copyright each painting but, at $35 per image, it is relatively inexpensive. The nice part is, if you have a series of paintings, you can copyright them all as one series. It is easy enough to do online, so please consider it. Here is the link to the copyright office.

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