Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New watercolor painting(s): Morning Stroll

Two paintings of the same guy. What's up with that? As it turns out, I needed to do a painting demo during a watercolor workshop. I had the top one started but it was too far along to use for the demo. So I drew up another one to use for the workshop. They were both off to a good start, so I just ended up painting on both of them simultaneously.

These are the first in a series of "Chinatown" portraits. Right now I have three series of paintings going: Telling Stories, a series on the elderly, Chinatown, a series of the residents of San Francisco's Chinatown and Women Revealed, a series for an upcoming show on the female form. They seem to be different in context but they tend to overlap, with the elderly being the common thread.

Top: Morning Stroll, 24 x 18", watercolor.
Bottom: Morning Stroll 1, watercolor, 20 x 17", watercolor
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