Friday, February 26, 2010

Giclee Reproductions Now Available!

I am excited that I'm now able to offer high-quality giclee reproductions of a select number of my paintings through my website. Visitors can order a variety of sizes and framing options at very affordable prices.

I was hesitant when this option first became available; so many printers use cheap paper and poor printing quality. But I ordered a sample copy of one of my paintings and was thrilled to see that the printing was excellent and this printer uses a very high-quality archival white paper in a matte finish.

Check it out if you like. Go to
www.peggihabets.com and click on "Gallery" and then "Reproduction Prints".

"Willis Has The Blues" and "Mikal", two of the paintings available for sale as reproductions.

A Word On The Terms "Print" And "Reproduction"
Every fine art printmaker I know cringes when they hear the word print being substituted for the word reproduction. According to
Online Art Center, "an original print is a work of art created through contact with a matrix such as a stone, block, plate, or screen that was created by the artist; it must have been printed manually by the artist or under the artist's direct supervision and was approved by the artist for quality and excellence. Printed reproductions of drawings or paintings, no matter how aesthetically pleasing, are not to be considered original prints."

What is a Giclee?
Again from Online Art Center, "Pronounced jhee clay, it is a fancy sounding name for a color copy. The name derives from the French for "spurt" - it usually refers to an Iris print. Iris is a high-quality type of inkjet printer. Inkjet printers make use of tiny nozzles to deliver exact amounts pigment to precise locations on the paper."

*The website administrator that sets up the e-commerce section of my website uses the term "print" exclusively during the checkout process. To bridge the gap I altered my description to say "reproduction print." Sorry to all of you printmakers out there.

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Chris Bolmeier said...

Mikal is beautiful, but I honestly love all your work.