Thursday, April 30, 2009

Portrait Society's Annual "Art of the Portrait" conference

What a wonderful four days it was. It was jam packed with demos, critiques, networking, discussion...where do I start? How about a few highlights:

1) A drawing session with Tony Ryder. His drawings and paintings are magnificent. It was very cool to see him work and have him critique our drawings.
Below: Tony talking about his process;
one of our models, Mike; my 20-minute sketch of Mike

2) A painting demo with Mary Whyte. Mary is one of my favorite watercolor artists and a sincerely inspiring person. Not only did she demo, but she also gave a talk titled "Creating Your Best Paintings Ever" and was part of a group panel discussion on "The Business Side of Art".

Below: Mary painting from a live model, her finished demo

Other highlights:
Portfolio critiques
The National Portrait Museum
Painting demos by some of my favorites: Scott Burdick, pastel artist Judy Carducci, Chris Saper, Dawn Whitelaw and too many others to mention
An absolutely wonderful presentation by Richard Schmid
I'm totally spent, but in a good way. Once again, I am fired up and thinking, "You know, I think this is truly possible..."
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