Monday, January 12, 2009

Article on Art Economy in Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Kurt Shaw, art critic for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, wrote an interesting article, "Artists Take Measures to Ride Out Economic Downturn" in Sunday's paper. I was interviewed for the article, along with gallery owner and artist Mark Panza, about what we are doing, or not doing, differently in light of the economic times.

It is not an exaggeration to say that things are difficult in Pittsburgh right now for artists, but this could be a good opportunity for many artists to take a fresh look at their business and work on skills or other areas that they may not have been able to before. This can be a time of real creative growth for many of us.

What about you? Has the economy effected the way you are doing business or creating your art?


Robin Maria Pedrero said...

Cheers for you!!! Damien Hurst and you all in one article is superb! When googled people will read about both of you!

Peggi Habets said...

Yeah, heh, heh. Me & Damien! Too bad I'm not a big fan of his work. Totally creeps me out.

Manon Doyle said...

Great article!
Being an artist in these times is definitely not the greatest but if we can ride out the storm things will start to look up! It's giving me time to get to things I didn't have much time for before. I hope this will be a time of great creativity!

Peggi Habets said...

Well it certainly is a time of growth for you, Manon. You have really hit your mark with your latest journal pages, and your vision board.