Friday, December 19, 2008

Happpiest of Holidays to You

Remember when you believed you could be
a cowboy rock star?

Wishing you that kind of holiday.

Here's to a New Year of inspiration, creativity, integrity and grace. (By the way, that's my rock star husband there in his cool duds!)


maria said...

I used to believe I could be an artist... hmmmmm.... It has been a good year. Hope the same for you and that next year continues. Thanks for sharing in your blog. Happy, Happy,

maria said...

I used to believe I could be an artist. Hmmmmmmm..... It has been a good year and I hope the same for you. Can't wait to see what next year will bring. Thank your for sharing in your blog. maria

Manon Doyle said...

I'll be a rock star for sure in my next life! Wishing you a very happy holiday Peggi!


Karine said...

I STILL think I can be a cowboy rock star. Or a cowgirl rock star. ha ha ha. That's the problem with not growing up.

All the best for you this holiday season, and in the coming year, Peggi!

Peggi Habets said...

Hey Maria, you ARE an artist...and a very talented one at that. I'm sure I'll be seeing you before too long, but happy holidays to you.

Manon and Karine,
Happy Holidays to you both. It's been such a pleasure getting to know you and your art.

Abby Creek Art said...

Adorable picture! Merry Christmas Peggi!