Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Vine Black: Black Pigment Series, Part 4

This is the last of a four-part series comparing black pigments.

VINE BLACK is also called Drop Black, Frankfort Black, Peach Black, Spanish Black and Blue Black. These blacks are made by burning grape vines, cork and other woods and vegetable products. The reason you don't hear much about Vine Black is that it has a reputation of being less pure and inferior to the other blacks. Peach Black was reputed to be the best of a bad bunch. They are bluish in undertone which explains why they used to commonly be called Blue Black. Nowadays colors sold under the Blue Black name are usually mixtures of Ultramarine and Ivory Black. Here's link to a company that still makes Vine Black: Natural Pigments.

Heard enough about black yet? No? Here are a few others:

FURNACE BLACK (also called Carbon Black) is almost pure carbon and makes a dense and intense black used in industrial coatings but less commonly for artist's paint due to a tendency to make 'streaky' tints. Produced by burning Natural Gas.

CHARCOAL BLACK is made from willow and is pure ground charcoal. As a pigment it makes a very poor paint and has been replaced by modern substitutes.
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