Wednesday, September 10, 2008

TJ and Tilly, new watercolor pet portrait

Last week was a complete blur! With construction going on in our house, school and kids' activities, opening a new gallery and working on commissioned work, I swear I ran around looking like a deer in the headlights. How do some people do all this and still look completely unfazed? I can never quite pull it off.

Anyway, here is my latest pet commission. Meet TJ and Tilly, two well-loved, curious little Dachshunds. This portrait was done long distance, with the client taking the photos. This is not the way I would recommend working, but for this commission it was unavoidable. The client was great about shooting and reshooting, but it's still hard to get just the right shot.

For the painting, I started out using a new set of quinacridone colors, knowing that the bright color can be tempered it down later.

In the end, I went over the background with a Titanium white wash which gives it the painting a nice neutral background that lets the original color peek through.

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