Tuesday, July 8, 2008

White Pigments at A Glance

Lead White (Flake White, Cremnitz White)
= great opacity
= buttery consistency
= very textural
= produces intense, warm color mixtures
= faster drying than other whites
= very toxic
= not available in watercolor

Titanium White

= superior tinting strength, very opaque
= less prone to yellowing
= good for direct painting
= highly-durable
= brilliant whiteness and brightness
= not cool or warm, tone in the middle of other whites
= dries slower than Lead White and faster than Zinc White
= in oils--leaves a spongy film once dry (needs to be mixed with Zinc Oxide)
Zinc White (oil), Chinese White (watercolor)
= cool white
= Zinc White is slow drying (useful for highlighting as it will not dry faster than the color it is painted over)
= less opaque than other whites (shows nuance of color's undertones greater than with other whites)
= lack of pliancy, can cause cracks in paintings if used in excess
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