Thursday, May 1, 2008

Oil painting "Pensive", in progress

This is a painting I started a week ago. I haven't figured out how to photograph shiny surfaces yet so you will see several areas that look washed out. I was told I need to purchase a set of lights for that. My final steps will be to glaze a "pinker" color over the skin tones and to refine a few areas after it dries.

I used Wallis archival sanded paper specifically for oil painting. A few things I liked about it: no toning necessary, it comes in a mid-brown color and because it is paper you can crop the painting however you like. I'm not sure how to mount it yet or frame it, but how hard can that be?


Abby Creek Art said...

Hi Peggi...thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your sweet words. Nice to meet you!

I've been looking at your website and am blown away by your portrait work. Your pet portraits are stunning...and your human portraits just the same. There is one, "Mikal"...that left my mouth wide open! And that's a big mouth!

Deo Volente said...

Hello Peggi,

The delicate glow on her face is incredible. Your work is really lovely which is why I started following you on twitter :)

Stella Violano

Peggi Habets Studio said...

Thanks Abby and Stella for the kind comments. It's nice to hear from you.