Friday, May 9, 2008

Lovin' Pittsburgh

I love the city of Pittsburgh. Even though I'm not really much of a football fan, or even (gasp!) a hockey fan, I've found Pittsburgh to be rich with many things: art, friendly people, a beautiful skyline, great bike trails and lots more. If you want to see some beautiful images of this great city, stop by Planet Art Gallery for an exhibition by photographer Robert Strovers.

Images (left): Water Under The Bridge,Tracks
Images: (left) Come On Within,
(below) Red, White, Blue

Creatively, Robert Strovers' early interests were focused on drawing and sketching. It's clear that imagery and composition, as well as texture and detail were all integral components of his art.

The passing of Rob's brother, who was a serious amateur photographer, resulted in his inheritance of his gear and a strong interest in photography as creative outlet.

Robert Strovers Statement:
I’m often asked, “How did you see that?” or “Why did you think that would be interesting!?”…my answer is part of my philosophy - I believe that there are many, many things that can catch ones eye, but too often we see without actually stopping to really look and look without actually seeing what is there. Photographically, my primary interests are in still life – flora, fauna and the natural world are areas I love to explore but my passion lies with the cityscape and all it offers – architecture, architectural detail, bridges, industry and industrial details -
areas rife with texture, color and contrast, full of opportunity and subject matter to capture and share with others.

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Planet Art's Linda said...

Thanks Peggi for spreading the word about the show. Rob is not only a great photographer, but also a great guy. He sent me a ton of photo's of old cars that he is going to be bringing too. I am from Detroit and love old cars so this will be extra fun for me.