Monday, May 12, 2008

Adorn Yourself

If you love handmade jewelry like I do, you will want to check out the designs of Lesley Marceau. Lesley's jewelry is wonderful. Why? She is a master of color and detail. Each time I receive an e-mail update from her, I find myself amazed by the simplicity of her designs and drawn to her unusual color combinations and attention to the smallest detail.
necklace, copyright 2008, Marceau Designs

So what's the big deal about handmade? For me, I love the idea of knowing the creator making each piece. I can imagine them handling it, admiring it, packaging it up and sending it off. Even when I don't know who the artist is personally, I wonder about them. Who was it that worked for hours on a particular piece, whose fingerprints are probably still on it, mixing with mine? I can almost feel their energy, thoughts and hopes. Now that you can't get from Kohl's.

earrings, copyright 2008, Marceau Designs

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