Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Taking a Break

Most books I read are either art related or spiritual. This book may seem to fit into the latter, but not really; it's more of a personal memoir. Written by Elizabeth Gilbert , Eat, Pray, Love chronicles her search for spiritual balance and peace in her life. After a nasty divorce and broken love affair, Gilbert travels to Italy, India and Bali, absorbing a bit of each culture and adding it to her spirtual repertoire. I found the book to be funny and enjoyable at times, and completely self indulgent at others. Mostly I liked the section on Italy and found myself daydreaming about eating my way through that country. My favorite part was when an Italian man explained the "art of doing nothing."

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Planet Art's Linda said...

I love this book. Yes, the Italy part was the most enjoyable for me too. Someday we should all go to Italy and just eat, drink, pray, love. Hmm, well I added drink, but really it's Italy, why not?