Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A New Adventure--Oil Painting

One of my goals for 2008 is to take an oil-painting class. I found a portrait painter whose work I admire a good deal (his name is Robert Daley) and who has a lot of experience teaching portraits. Boy, did I luck out. Not only is he still teaching, but the class is very reasonable and only about 15 minutes away. It also fits perfectly into my schedule, Mondays from 10-1.

Okay, the stars were aligned, I signed up and loaded my toolbox with a bunch of strange-looking and smelling art suplies. Yesterday was the first day of actual painting. All I can say is Yowza, do I have A LOT to learn. This is the first painting that I started. I need to wait until it dries (Did he say it would take a WEEK?) to continue. I do love the fact that I can be incredibly indecisive when I paint. Very different than watercolor, where you need to spell out all those details in advance. This just might be a good match!

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