Friday, February 29, 2008

The "Three Pastors" portrait

This portrait commission was a challenge in many ways. The client initially requested a portrait of all three pastors in a group with the church behind them. The trouble was, no such photo existed. This was a surprise portrait for one of the pastors, so photographing them was out of the question. Piecing them together would not have worked, so I suggested we do three cameos and incorporate a favorite verse of the pastor. The other challenging element was time. This needed to be completed in a matter of two to three weeks, which left no time for multiple sketches and composition ideas.

I started out by selecting a photo of each of the pastors that reflected their distinct personalities. After the sketch was finished, I started in with brighter colors in the undertones than I have in the past. I learned this from a DVD from Jane Angelhart (I'll review the DVD in the next post.) I decided to keep the overall painting earthy and subtle, letting the verse recede into the background. After correcting some problems with features, I finished up by layering muted color over the skin tones and jackets for cohesive color.

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