Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More Great Watercolor Books

I just love the work of Charles Reid. He's not only an amazing artist, he's an excellent teacher. His books are always full of great, insightful advice. Right now I have two books checked out of the library, Watercolor Secrets and Portraits And Figures in Watercolor. Two of the best tips I got from these books is to 1) mix your paint on the paper, not on your palette and 2) keep your values simple, ie. don't put three different values in one shadow area. These are two things I can start doing right away. I can't wait to get started!


Linda Warner Constantino said...

I love this book and have taken a few workshops with him. He taught me how NOT to make mud with my watercolors. I agree he is one of the best.

Great work on your blog!! I stumbled back and found yours. Thanks for stopping by


David Lobenberg said...

I purchased my first Charles Reid (my students and I like to call him Chuck) book in 1979. I have every book, VHS, and DVD he has ever put out. I paint and teach h2o, acrylic, and drawing at Sacramento City College and at my workshops. I consider Chuck as one of the world's best living h2o artists. Mr. Sargent wasn't half bad either! I linked to you from Mryna's blog. I'm going to check out Madame X. I noticed that in one of your other posts. You are doing some fine work both in oil and h2o.