Friday, January 18, 2008

Mikal's portrait

This is Mikal, a little boy I met in Jamaica. What I wanted most to capture about him was the mix of uncertainty and boldness he possessed. My first plan was to paint him in his entirety and I worked out several compositions. The first painting did not work at all. As my friend and fellow artist, Donna, stated, "It's just not interesting to me."

She was right. I realized that the interesting part of this painting would be his expression and hair, so I repainted, cropped close and kept the focus on his face.


Paulette said...

You've done a gorgeous job!
I followed Jan's tag to find you. I also enjoyed looking at your tags.


I must say you have beautiful color in your paintings. Wonderful stuff!

Bonnie said...

Peggi- your portraits are stunning. I found you on Paulettes' Renaissance Woman blog ( isn't she wonderful ?)
and I can see why she chose you.
I've enjoyed the artistic content of your blog and the variety of topics and books/ideas you cover.
Very helpful to me also, was the progression of photos of the Jamaican vendor and how you start your piece.
Wonderful wonderful work. Thank You!

Peggi Habets Studio said...

Thanks to all. Bonnie, I tried to comment on your beautiful painting of the dancing woman but Wordpress wouldn't let me. I would've guessed watercolor if asked the medium. What a gem! So much expression in your brushstrokes.