Monday, January 7, 2008

Farmer's Portrait, steps 1-3

This is Farmer from Jamaica. Farmer was one of the market vendors I talked with. He stood out from the others with his quiet, reserved manner--very different from most of the outgoing, smiling Jamaicans we met.

Step One: I started with the background because I wanted to solve that right away. I used cobalt blue and burnt sienna. I sprinkled some salt for texture. I made a quick pass on the lightest skin tones.

Step Two: Next, I worked on the structure of the face, adding the darker tones. Looking a little scary here! My immediate reaction is to try to start "fixing" those dark skin tones. They look way too dark, don't they?

Step 3: Instead, I went in and defined the darkest darks of the face--the areas around the eyes and the shadow area of the hat. Now those skin tones don't look so bad. My next step will be to address the colorful hat, his shirt and the background which now seems way too busy. What was I thinking?

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