Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Back to the Blog

It's been over a week since I posted. Mostly because my schedule has been full and the blog took a back seat. (A little detour here: I hate using the word "busy" to describe my day. I think it's a word that is overused and has come to mean absolutely nothing. Often you'll ask someone about their day, they will say "busy" and nothing else as if that says it all. Is that the barometer of how fullfilled our lives are? The busier the better? I think we could use more colorful words to describe our day like: hairy; scary; silly; sleepy; meandering; blasting; infuriating. Just a thought.)

Okay, back to the point, I haven't posted because I have been working on a talk I'm giving to a women's group about portrait art and I have been preparing for an outdoor arts festival. The kids have started back to school, which requires a whole other side of my brain to be reactivated. You know, that part that remembers give your kids lunch money, check homework agendas and fill out triplicate health forms. I've set a worthy goal for myself. "I will get through the entire year without forgetting to pick one of my kids up from school, sports or a birthday party." (yeah we'll see.)

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