Monday, June 25, 2007

Wa a Gwan (What's Up?)

Back from Jamaica and still filled with the music, sights, sounds and smells of an amazing place. Jamaica is a place of extremes: beauty, wealth, poverty, joy and despair. We met people with colorful names like Reggie Smoke Man, The Farmer, Ghandi, and Mighty Mouse. Some commonalities we noticed--Jamaicans are quick to smile and laugh, they are extremely proud of their country, they notice details and they seem to take nothing for granted. Their laws seem more like suggestions at times. Something we heard that the police will say when they pull you over: "Left or Right" meaning a tip is left or they write you a ticket!

I did find a little time to paint. Tomorrow I will post a painting and several studies.

Here are some photos. Lush green foliage, turquoise water and colorful laundry were common sights.

Beautiful faces of Jamaica:

And my favorite, a young boy I met on the beach. A portrait of him would have delicate lines and soft colors.

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